Blue Jean Software has experience in a variety of industries including:

UI & UX Design Services
Medical Devices
Electronics and Manufacturing
Multimedia and Video
Enterprise Resources Planning
Insurance Services
Automotive Repair/Service
Computer Telephony
Online Software Delivery
Weighing and Scale Systems
Process Control
Hospitality and Entertainment
Process Automation
Scientific Services
Biotech Research
Customer Relationship Mgmt.
Wireless Networking
Finance and Legal Services
Logistics and Process Mgmt.

From our clients...

"Using C#, .NET and SQL Server, Blue Jean was able to provide our web site users with a feature rich environment with extensive search capabilities incredibly fast."


 - Rod Streed,
Strategic Investors Data Source, Inc

our Services

Founded in 2000, Blue Jean Software has specialized in providing custom .NET contract software development solutions and consulting services for the mobile, desktop, web and server platforms. 

We have diverse experience designing and producing mobile, desktop and enterprise solutions for a wide range of industries.  Whether you want to integrate latest .NET technologies into an existing legacy design or are developing a new solution from the ground up, Blue Jean Software can help.

Blue Jean Software has experience delivering solutions using the following  tools, technologies and methodologies:

 We excel in developing line of business n-tier .NET solutions using proven, state-of-the-art development practices.

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