Memento LE

The Memento LE product has reached it's end of life and is currently being sunset. No further releases of this product are anticipated and support for newer operating systems is limited..

As a courtesy to our customers, Memento LE is still available for download and purchase. Support for Vista and Windows 7 is limited, We recommend that you download the trial and insure that it works on your system before purchasing


Blue Jean Software Website Overhaul
During the first quarter of 2010 underwent a website overhaul. The new look and feel makes navigation easier and is more search engine friendly. is also being upgraded to better server our clients and customers.

Blue Jean Software Celebrates 10th Anniversary.
On January 16th, 2010 Blue Jean Software celebrated it's tenth birthday.  As we celebrated, we reflected on the sweeping changes in technology and to software development in general during those years.

Mitchell Engages Blue Jean Software
Mitchell International engaged Blue Jean Software's founder Chuck Hedrick for a second extended contract to design and develop a custom communications subsystem using WCF and .NET 3.5.