Our founder...

Chuck Hedrick, Blue Jean Software's founder and principal engineer, has been developing software applications for Microsoft's Windows environment since the 1980's. Prior to that he developed custom software in C, C++ and assembly language for DOS, UNIX, XENIX and Intel's real time multitasking operating system RMX. Chuck attended West Virginia Institute of Technology in the early 1980's, majoring in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), He transitioned into software development soon thereafter.

Blue Jean Software celebrated it's fifteenth anniversary on January 16th 2015 and continues to strive to bring quality software solutions to it's clients.

Chuck has more than thirty years of software development experience including more than eight years of experience developing Windows software specifically for industrial process control and the weighing industry.



Located in beautiful northern San Diego County, Blue Jean Software is comprised of a group of talented and seasoned software development professionals dedicated to meeting or exceeding all of our client's software development needs. Our developers are responsible for numerous successful software products and have a history of delivering high quality software on schedule.

What we've done

Blue Jean Software has proudly participated in the design and development of many fine products. Below are just a few of the companies we've assisted in delivering quality software solutions:

  • Dassault Systemes, SOLIDWORKS® Visulaize
    Blue Jean's founder is currently working with Dassault Systemes to improve their Visualization product. This includes improvements to the WPF user interface, addition of new features and visualization improvements.
  • Sony Electronics , VAIOCare .
    Blue Jean Software developed custom WPF controls, templates, styling and middle-ware components to produce a state of the art customer support application designed for the 21st century.
  • Intel Corporation
    Blue Jean Software developed and maintained a suite of software applications and tools to insure the regulatory compliance of Intel's world class 802.11 products.
  • TaylorMade-adidas Golf
    Blue Jean Software reengineered TaylorMade's custom assembly line golf club calibration software using C# and .NET.
  • Mitchell International
    Blue Jean Software assisted with the design, development and deployment of a replacement for Ultramate's legacy communications subsystem using .NET 3.5 SP1 and WCF.
  • Pyxis Corp (Currently BD)
    Designed and developed various components, including UI, network communications, message queuing and database access.